IBTABA Nº 31 — A Place To Bury Strangers

GROUP: A Place To Bury Strangers
DATE: 21.Nov.2009
VENUE: Le Botanique
LOCATION: Brussels, Belgium

this was a great concert performance— perhaps the best show I saw of APTBS. there were a few peripherals things of note: 1. strobe lights! I had not photographed concerts with strobe lights before, and had to figure out a way on the spot on how to handle it (using burst shots); 2. I spotted Annik Honoré was in the back dancing like there was an infinite source of energy; 3. talking to Andy from The Twilight Sad before the gig, and the were to play the other stage at the venue at the same time as APTBS, and that was terrible, and more so after he noted that they were willing to play with APTBS— and that would have been one of the best gigs ever. (unlike the gig at The Independent Nº 26, the photo here, is more in tune with the music, while hopefully, not too obviously so.) a different photo is posted on Instagram [ link ], and yet another in its stories.


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