IBTABA Nº 30 — And Also The Trees

GROUP: And Also The Trees
DATE: 14.Nov.2009
VENUE Centre Culturel de Dison
LOCATION: Dison, Belgium

yes, it was “a thing” to do acoustic versions of a catalogue— perhaps it is still a thing— but I submit that And Also The Trees did it better than anyone. these were not merely loved songs done with acoustic instrumentation, but a full-blown re-work of the songs to fit the different instrumentation. (from this new approach came other concerts billed as Brothers Of The Trees). both of these concerts were phenomenal nights with very emotional and surprising results. while this photo is technically in the “but the microphone is on focus” approach, the addition of the hands to the microphone is not very common, and much welcomed here.

MIX.17: while there is a Mix.17 playlist (see post Nº 08), the album released with these acoustic versions is available on Spotify— though other tracks are found in other releases.

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