IBTABA Nº #241543903 — David Horvitz

not an opening act, though at the time a collaborator with Jamie Stewart of Xiu Xiu. the collaboration resulted in a book Xiu Xiu : The Polaroid Project (2007) and was present at this concert for a solo Jamie Stewart performance. somehow, we got to talking before the show, and somehow, I took this photo….

IBTABA Nº 21 — Glasvegas

their debut was in 2008, and they had quite a buzz, and they were good live. I like it when the record and the visual of the concert are at odds— since I do not read much about bands from the magazines to get an idea of their presence. visually, something of a mix of…

IBTABA Nº 20 — Kira Lynn Cain

an opening act for the Tindersticks show. again, unfamiliar with the music— a San Francisco local— and seems that I went for the feel of it: elegant.