IBTABA Nº 32 — winfred E. eye

GROUP: winfred E. eye
DATE: 09.Dec.2009
VENUE: Bottom of the Hill
LOCATION: San Francisco, CA

back to Bottom of the Hill— which I found to be a great venue, and as usual for most of them, if not packed. having first found out about the band in 2003, or so, when they opened for Black Heart Procession at the Great American Music Hall, I lost track of the band as I moved away from their base city of Oakland. I was thoroughly impressed, more so when I got home with their debut album A Bottle, A Dog, Some Milk, A Bottle— highly recommended. returning San Francisco in 2010 got me back in time for their ‘Til I Prune release and concerts. in a way, attending all the concerts I could helped me a great deal with further working out the kinks of small-club concert photography. the next concert proved have very pleasing results— typically, I think that if one photograph turns out, then it was a success.

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