Stockholm-based with interests in photography, writing, and music.
fernand de Beauvoir is a Nom d’Internet.

this used to be Singly.photo, though now the topics are more wide in topic than a single photograph/paragraph theme.

to complement this site, some ephemeral photos and curation of other people’s work can be found on Tumblr at Moments After A Dream.


(2022-) Put it Directly into My Veins is a walk through a playlist of songs that have had an impact in navigating through music since the 1980s. it is like writing about life through songs, and no, this is not in any way connected with High Fidelity ideas: this is all about the love of music, and how it was subjected to the whims, serendipity, and some stubbornness against the trends.

in each post for these music discussions, there is a photo from the imPermanence Series.

(2020- ) It’s Beginning to and Back Again currently working on one photo per concert per camera used. these can be found under the fdbIBTABA hashtag.


although there are plenty of websites for photo-social activities, the advent of “the algorithms” and monetization seem to lower the experience/enthusiasm for me to use them.

here, it is a merge of Tumblr and Instagram, where I curate other people’s work (famous or not) under the photographers tag. all other work created by me is under the personal work tag.