IBTABA Nº 29 — winfred E. eye

GROUP: winfred E. eye
DATE: 06.Nov.2009
LOCATION: San Francisco, CA

two groups would welcome me as a “regular”— and winfred E. eye was one of them. I would go to see them as often as I could, and it was a fantastic learning experience because they would play clubs, such as El Rio, and challenge me as to how to approach concert photography. in particular, at this gig, I remember the lighting being very poor, and after one or two songs, Aaron Calvert (very sensibly) requests that the lamps be turned down. if I recall correctly, I was lucky enough to have an ƒ1.2 lens at this time… and being close to the stage meant that the Depth of Field will be very small. in these situations, “but the microphone is in focus” because an imperative mode of operating— this means that Mikel Garmendia will often be heavily blurred in the background, as here on the right.


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