IBTABA Nº 28 — Crystal Stilts

GROUP: Crystal Stilts ( JB Townsend & Frankie Rose )
DATE: 24.Apr.2009
VENUE: University of Washington — Seattle

a memorable gig, in that I latched big-time onto their first mini-LP, and couldn’t wait to see them live. I sorely miss that the band is no-more, or so it seems, and it was the most endearing band to come out of Brooklyn during the 2000s— and there are a lot of bands like The National and TV On The Radio that I really got to love as well. though Crystal Stilts were it. this “venue” was difficult to find, because… well, it is a cafeteria. the lighting was horrible, and all else with the ambience, but I was enamored with the music and wanted more. technically, I noticed that I was already taking not-ready-for-print-media photos— and looking through them: yeah. also, a lot of faulty settings, and there was much more to learn.

MIX.17: encompassing all of their releases, chosen for the flow as most songs are great.

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