IBTABA — the series (info)

the blog, with its concept of one photo and one paragraph, is now focused on the selection of one photo per gig, and one per camera used, that was photographed: from the very first one in 2005, through 2019. in addition to the photographs, and as part of the personal reasons to pursue such a series, there are additional elements to be included: for some bands, I have created a Mix.17 playlist, which gathers 17 songs from their catalog— often focusing on one or two albums— in case it is useful to some people visiting the posts.

INSTAGRAM: the series is also posted to Instagram ( hashtag #fdbIBTABA ), albeit with not many words/details as here, and often “forced” to crop to a square aspect ratio, which is avoided here.

sometimes it is difficult to choose just one or two photos, and the selection tends towards looking at the evolutionary trends in how to view concert photography. for this reason, there is an The Alts — IBTABA [ link ]stories album on the Instagram profile.

MIX.17: a link to the posts with Mix.17. a web-player search for all Mix.17 playlists [ link ]

ESSAYS: there is also a series of essays to be written on how I look at concert photography and/or approaches to overcome technical challenges. a link to the posts with the Essays : Elements of Style.

PROMINENT: some bands will have more than one or two photos posted over the 200+ folders for each gig, and camera.here are some links with their hashtags on this blog:

THE GROUPS: linked here are all the other groups featured in the fdbIBTABA Series.

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