IBTABA Nº 12 — Xiu Xiu (Jamie Stewart)

GROUP: Xiu Xiu
( Jamie Stewart )
DATE: 09.May.2008
VENUE: L’Autre Canal
LOCATION: Nancy, France

my first gig for Xiu Xiu, and it was all kinds of awesomeness. very impressed with the energy at the gig, while being not too familiar with the music. I recall the drummer at this gig, and tour, to also be impressive— though not performing with them in subsequent gigs. he was fast, energetic, and draws a comparison (in energy) to Stewart Copeland of The Police. the highs and lows of loudness and performance from Jamie Stewart were very much an impact of the gig. (for the high energy moments, see the Wiki page for discography or this post on Instagram.)

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