IBTABA Nº 11 — Wire

Robert Gray
DATE: 01.May.2008
VENUE: Muzeikclub 4AD
LOCATION: Diksmuide, Belgium

“but the microphone is in focus”— another Wire gig, a couple of nights after the last, and I go with this new found approach… or more like gimmick? the nice contrast here is the periphery where the energy is quite subdued. I think the vibe, overall, was more quiet than the Leuven gig (IBTABA Nº 10). one of the unusual events that happen was to have stayed at the same hotel— it is a very small town— and chatting briefly with Colin Newman and Edward Graham Lewis, and recalling the mention that the band felt that there were too many guys at the gigs. the great thing is that many years later this would change, but yes, Wire gigs were very much predominantly attended by men.

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