IBTABA Nº 22 — Jamie Stewart

a solo gig at the wonderful Cafe du Nord in San Francisco. while minimal, relative to Xiu Xiu, with instrumentation, a great gig as always in watching Jamie Stewart‘s intensity in the quiet. from the time: 2009’s Women As Lovers

IBTABA Nº #241543903 — David Horvitz

not an opening act, though at the time a collaborator with Jamie Stewart of Xiu Xiu. the collaboration resulted in a book Xiu Xiu : The Polaroid Project (2007) and was present at this concert for a solo Jamie Stewart performance. somehow, we got to talking before the show, and somehow, I took this photo….

IBTABA Nº 16 — Xiu Xiu (Jamie Stewart)

same tour as the gig in Nancy, France. it was very crowded, and I ended up on the side of the stage, which was not bad in seeing the drummer go wild (as in Nancy). I seem to recall nothing good from the photos at this gig, thus I am very surprised to catch this…

IBTABA Nº 12 — Xiu Xiu (Jamie Stewart)

my first gig for Xiu Xiu, and it was all kinds of awesomeness. very impressed with the energy at the gig, while being not too familiar with the music. I recall the drummer at this gig, and tour, to also be impressive— though not performing with them in subsequent gigs. he was fast, energetic, and…