IBTABA Nº 40 — Sad Lovers and Giants ( Garçe Allard )

GROUP: Sad Lovers and Giants
DATE: 14.March.2011
VENUE: Slaughterhouse Club
LOCATION: Berlin, Germany

this was an epic gig. full stop, but I should really expand. first, musically, among my favorite bands, and I was finally able to catch them: so lucky to fly from San Francisco to Berlin. it was just fantastic, as any long time expectation (20+ years in the making). photographically, it was also the culmination, I think, of the approaches that had been developing, especially at the winfred E. eye gigs. namely, looking at taking portraits vs. action photos, and “but the microphone is in focus” type of photos. this meant nearly all photos are of Tony McGuinness and Garçe Allard. this being the first gig, I was not sure who was on what side of the stage— and there is no moving around after the show starts. “The Photograph” was also taken at this show, and it will be featured in one of the essays to come, when discussing the portraiture approach.

Garçe has a blog and website for his paintings— blog and landscaping websites.
an alternate photo with Tony on Instagram [ post ] and alternate photos in stories [ link ]

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