IBTABA Nº 39 — Spectrum ( Peter Kember / Sonic Boom )

GROUP: Spectrum
DATE: 23.April.2011
VENUE: Hemlock Tavern
LOCATION: San Francisco, CA

an alternate— portrait style— will be posted to Instagram, but to make an appeal later under a Essay: Elements of Style post. a much anticipated show, and at a surprisingly small venue, but that afforded a great spot for photographing— noting that I pick a spot and stay put with no “I am a photographer, make way for me to get by” throughout the concert. (I do find this to be very annoying.) I have a love for this photo, and I cannot tell why: it was my first time to see Peter Kember, and didn’t know what to expect. the whole affair was calm and intense, and perhaps this is why this photograph resonates.

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