IBTABA Nº 41 — Crystal Stilts

GROUP: Crystal Stilts
( Keegan Cooke — drums & Brad Hargett — silhouetted )
DATE: 07.May.2011
VENUE: Rickshaw Stop
LOCATION: San Francisco

(an alternate photo with Brad Hargett is posted to Instagram, doing the but the microphone is in focus thing… thus to be used later on a Essay post. )
finally, a proper gig with Crystal Stilts. that first time was at a cafeteria, and this one was a proper club, with the fantastic second album being released. this gig, with a new drummer, giving the songs an sense of the Velvet Underground, at least to me, without aping Maureen Tucker. I truly miss this band live, and a new album. they may not be around anymore as a group.

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