IBTABA Nº 33 — winfred E. eye ( Aaron Calvert )

GROUP: winfred E. eye
DATE: 06.Jun.2010
VENUE: The Hemlock
LOCATION: San Francisco, CA

one of my most favorite concert photos— perhaps the first of its kind up to this moment. certainly there was a hint with the Bill Callahan photograph in Nº 6, but here it is in a form that came to be remembered in future concerts as something to chase. well, it is not quite possible to chase it, as not all performers will have such a pose or moment. is this a concert photograph? not in the sense of what people expect, but that was the realization: lots of other people with cameras are doing the “classic” form of concert photography, and I was starting (with this photo) to view it as a chance to take portraits, that happened to be at a concert and may have some attachments related to music to go with them. unlike some of my most-admired Jazz photos from the 50s, which bring out an atmosphere of the place/music, this was about the performer— though perhaps not very well understood outside of me… and perhaps, the performer sometimes.

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