IBTABA Nº 19 — Tindersticks ( Stuart A. Staples )

GROUP: Tindersticks ( Stuart A. Staples )
DATE: 15.Mar.2009
VENUE: Great American Music Hall
LOCATION: San Francisco, CA

another surprise. meaning, most of the photos for this concert are rather “typical”, and then I found the future in the past. this photo would have been taken in recent years, rather than back then when I was just looking at concert photography differently. for one, this is a type of moment, rather than a snapshot of singing during a song. Stuart A. Staples is a challenging performer, bringing many approaches to singing and his (body language) expression. there are certain photos of those moments at this concert, posted to the Instagram series (hidden as a second photo to this one), but this is the photo type that is more in tune with what I want out of concert photography.

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