IBTABA Nº 18 — Lambchop (Kurt Wagner)

GROUP: Lambchop ( Kurt Wagner )
DATE: 06.Mar.2009
VENUE: Great American Music Hall
LOCATION: San Francisco, CA

« that camera must take nice photos »

this phrase causes much of a reaction, something like « that pen must write nice letters » said to a writer. though, indeed, upgrading to a new camera was a noticeable improvement in these concert photograph: lower noise in low-light and more dynamic range. for the first concert with the upgrade, it was Lambchop and the number of photos I like went up dramatically. still, the approach instilled by the older camera will remain (or be improved upon?). while Lambchop‘s concert was on the quiet side, during the encore, Kurt Wagner‘s presence was quite intense. the performance was his rendition of a collaboration with X-PRESS 2 for a song called “Give It” [ video ], but the one to watch is the live performance [ link ] and shown below— it is a moral imperative to watch it.

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