IBTABA Nº 10 — Wire

Edward Graham Lewis
DATE: 29.Apr.2008
VENUE: Leuven University
LOCATION: Leuven, Belgium

“but the microphone is in focus” (BTMIIF™)— this seems to be the start of this trend in my photography of concerts. I will elaborate in the next post, to talk about the evolution in concert photography. Wire, or And Also The Trees, would be the band that I have seen the most often. with Wire, it began in 1985 when Wire.mk2 began to tour the USA West Coast for the album Ideal Copy, and this was my first European Wire gig, and it was an intense affair as this Wire.mk3 reformation began with the album Send. as this being the first photographed with Wire, I was rather close… and had acquired my first wide angle lens— which was used for this photograph. (I am really not comfortable below 50mm, even up close, and typically like 70mm+ for concerts, since I am doing the kerrrang! wide-angle-inclusive-of-all-members-on-stage type of photography.) yet, I think this exact moment would not work in a telephoto lens, so there you go.

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