IBTABA Nº 7 — And Also The Trees

And Also The Trees (Simon-Huw Jones & Paul Hill)
KUZ / Kulturzentrum club, Mainz [ 22.Nov.2007 ]

there will be a lot of And Also The Trees… a perennial favorite, but somehow, I dare not photograph them before: just record their concerts, beginning with a fateful first time in New Jersey in 1991. on a Thursday, by the time they went on at 1am, there were about 12 people left. this, on an otherwise great tour of the East Coast of the USA, and having come off their famous Le Bataclan show in Paris for the Farewell To The Shade album. the idea in this series is not to talk about how good the band is, or how great the shows were… just to mention the incidental happenings on the periphery. for a bit of history, check their Instagram posts where Simon-Huw Jones relates their early history (that started before 1980) [ link to Instagram ].

MIX.17: much is missing from Spotify from their catalog, but this is still a good sampler.

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