IBTABA Nº 6 — Bill Callahan (smog)

Bill Callahan (smog)
at The Independent, San Francisco, CA [ 07.Oct.2007 ]

of all the photographs posted about concerts, this one has gotten then most appropriations online ( this version on Instagram ). perhaps because it was originally posted on Flickr as a B&W version, which follows from the horrible red (or green or blue) lighting prevalent in small clubs (note the outlining of red him). the original version lead to a nice exchange at another concert, where I brought a print of the photo in exchange for an autograph (and the label noted that they were aware of the photo, and liked it). for that experience— where Bill Callahan wrote “to the setlist thiever”— this photo was worth it. also worth noting that in two consecutive tours, Bill Callahan had two drummers that can be said to go against the calmer side of his music: Jim White and “Thor” (later to be a member of Swans).

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