IBTABA Nº 8 — And Also The Trees

GROUP: And Also The Trees
DATE: 25.Nov.2007
VENUE: Le Botanique
LOCATION: Brussels, Belgium

And Also The Trees is one of those few bands to catch as much as reasonable during a tour. here, 3 days after Mainz, they played the fabled venue of Brussels (along with Ancienne Belgique). like so few bands these days, the set list changes from show-to-show, and there is something magical about how the show is refreshed. an unusual position this time, where I was standing on the side of the stage, as the show was sold out, and a common position right in front would not have been good for photographing. this was cementing an approach began with the first show photographed: stand in one place, and don’t be that person with a camera moving around to catch the shot— a “stopped clock is correct twice a day” is the appropriate aphorism here.

[ ps ] this is the uncropped version, as in Instagram the photos are presented in a square crop.

MIX.17: much is missing from Spotify from their catalog, but this is still a good sampler.

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