IBTABA Nº 5 — The National

The National (with Matt Berninger)
at The Casbah, San Diego, California on 27.Sep.2007

this was a special gig, because they had cancelled a gig here due to being recruited by R.E.M. due to the success of the Alligator album. Boxer was just released, and they kept their commitment to this small venue, while the next night they would play The Wiltern in Los Angeles. everything was super casual at before the show, as in mingling with the crowd, and after. going to The Wiltern gig, it was to also realise that I may not see them again— yet, I did manage two more shows. (it seems that I didn’t photograph any gig in between the almost-a-year since the previous post— and I cannot be sure why.) in terms of learning, I upgraded to the Canon 30D, which offered better low-light performance, but this was overtaken by smaller venues with even more poor lighting condition. this was as things would be in the future.

MIX.17: here is the later, now “mid”, stage The National playlist ( Nº 4 has the earlier stage playlist).

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