IBTABA Nº 46 — Airfix Kits

GROUP: Airfix Kits
DATE: 26.Jul.2011
LOCATION: West Oakland

ah! a new toy to try out. the Olympus EP-1 was released, and like all Mirrorless cameras since, it is great to put an adapter, and try out some lenses. at the time, the sensor was not great in low-light, but for some reason I wanted to try it— the results were very noisy, with the awful “digital noise” because of color processing. thus, Nº 46-48 will be photos taken with this camera, and a Zeiss Leica M-mount 50/35mm ƒ2 lenses. the great thing is that the bag and weight to carry around was monumentally reduced. this was to be the beginning of the transition to Mirrorless cameras and slow withdrawal from the Canon system. an yes, sorry for the detour into gear: great concerts to attend with totally unknown bands (but for Nº 48).

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