IBTABA Nº 45 — Bill Callahan ( Smog )

GROUP: Bill Callahan
DATE: 18.Jun.2011
VENUE: Don Quixote
LOCATION: Santa Cruz

In Nº 42, I mentioned that there was a “Set List Incident”, which was an innocent grab… which came to a plot twist at this gig. the gig, as the one in Nº 42, was excellent, and seeing it at a smaller club was great. the Set Lists are not that interesting, though there is a greater allure if the artist can sign it. I thought to make it a barter: I print a popularly-snagged photo (here in color) from Nº 13 ( link to Instagram, as an example ), in exchange, he can sign the set list, and a single recently released. the people from the label at the merchandise table were super nice, they recognized the photo, and would take it to him for the exchange. a while later, they came back without the set list, and with the 7in signed “to the Set List Thiever”. ohwell. (yes, the photo was kept.) sadly, there would not be any more Bill Callahan concerts (for me to attend, of course) until San Francisco in 2019.

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