IBTABA Nº 25 — winfred E. eye ( Aaron Calvert )

GROUP: winfred E. eye ( Aaron Calvert )
DATE: 14.Jul.2009
VENUE: Bottom of the Hill
LOCATION: San Francisco, CA

more of the « but the microphone is in focus », and more to come as the approach evolved. winfred E. eye is an aberration in choice of concerts: I am not much into Americana music style ( just add Bill Callahan and Lambchop ), and they were ( are? ) local to San Francisco ( as in I didn’t get to be enamored much with emerging local bands ). the sad part is that they never quite emerged, and the music/songs/lyrics were top notch, with Aaron’s sensitivity being fantastic in the delivery. indeed, one of my favorite, long-playing, bands.

below is one of my Mix.17 playlists in Spotify highlighting 17 songs from the three albums that mix well together. their second, The Dirt Tier, album is very much in the realm of Americana, which is quite good and different to the three albums highlighted in the playlist.

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