Put It Directly Into My Veins – 3

«And still, I find it so hard
To say what I need to say
from the series imPermanence — Kyoto, Japan 2013
[ photo by fernand de Beauvoir ]

indeed, post-punk was to dominate my choice in music (or how I would be informed), and it would need some help from those bands (like New Order), or the other band I was lucky to catch when Trans Europe Express came out. beginning to go out to clubs helped in sampling much of the “New Wave” into Electronica.

songs affecting one listener, in no particular order,
just grouped whimsically, yet with some intuitive connection:
either historically, situationally, or for the groove of it all.
  1. “Numbers/Computerworld” : like the instance with Joy Division + Wire, a dear friend from school played Led Zeppelin IV and Kraftwerk‘s Trans Europe Express during one afternoon, as he was testing his new speakers. like the later instance with my roommate, I was not to adopt these bands until some time later. Man Machine is Kraftwerk‘s defining album in my world, but these tracks (as one) come to inform my taste in electronic music.
  2. “Blue Monday”: give it as another cliché, though it must be understood that this track bridges the post-punk to electronic genres— I cannot think of another. it has a very intriguing beat, while it has the brooding of post-punk in the bass lines and lyrics. Bernard’s singing was still in its formative stages… distancing himself further from Movement era efforts.
  3. “The Box” : not the first exposure to Orbital, but this song (and check out the video with Tilda Swinton) showed one area of Prog that lived comfortably within electronica. as a fan of Yes in the early year, perhaps, made it instantly accessible… all 28 minutes of it.
  4. “Clipper” : perhaps as “difficult” as I got into electronica, more so in the albums to follow, Autechre was also instantly visceral in its appeal. Tri-Ripatae is truly a fantastic album that was hard to overcome in appeal, though the earlier and later material made for great listening. truly a bastion of electronic experimentation.
  5. “Shut Down” : the song that, upon first listen at a record store’s headphone listening, made me think— yeah, electronic music is all kinds of awesome, and I have to dive into the genre. Mike Bell went on to make great music with others (like Bjork), and sadly passed away way-too-young.
  6. “Peace of Mind” : I do not know what type of Techno classifies Claro Intelecto, but it is clean, melodic and absolutely superb. a gate into this style, and unsurpassed by others. an essential song, and artist.

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