IBTABA Nº 49 — The Chameleons Vox

GROUP:The Chameleons Vox (Mark Burgess)
DATE: 16.Nov.2011
VENUE: The New Parish

I never ask. you know, when you walk into a record store and ask “what are you playing?” and then proceed to buy that record. (Just as it plays out in High Fidelity [link].) well, ok, there was this one time, when I walked into Tower Records (Mountain View) and the CD for Script of the Bridge had just come out, and after the first few notes of “Don’t Fall” came on. I asked and dashed over to buy the CD: what an incredible album. unfortunately, they didn’t tour the USA until Strange Times came out, and it was just amazing. also super happy to see them twice during their reunion tour. alas, photography was not a part of my concert going— or part of anything— at that time, just audio recording of the gigs. thus, photography had to wait until The Chameleons Vox, and quite frankly, I think the full original lineup would have been quite the concert to photograph.

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