IBTABA N°1 — Wovenhand

David Eugene Edwards from Wovenhand
( at Harmonie in Bonn, Germany, 02.May.2005 )

yes, there are no gigs in the foreseeable future, and I had to organize all of my photos— a bit of restarting with greater harmony in the presentation. thus, I will start with a simple familiarization: post one photo from each concert, with some 200+ folders, and in some cases with multiple cameras, then post one from each camera. at least that’s the intent. it’s rather apt that this is the very first photo taken at a gig, and it’s during a tuning moment.

[ ps ] the series will have, like at Instagram, of #fdbIBTABA

[ ps ] also, IBTABA: taken from Wire’s album title It’s Beginning To And Back Again.

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