turns in Fashion Photography

the great reveal in photography styles, for me, is that of what is classified as fashion photography. it is rather surprising, even after all this time, that I discover a photographer of great appeal, and it turns out that there was much work done in Fashion photography. some of them, like in the 50s with William Klein and Saul Leiter, were just a few commissions likely to bring some income— yet, we can see their daring (at the time) work as superb. this work by Annelie Vandendael may not be classified as such, but it could be. perhaps Annelie Vandendael‘s work is a more of a work of post-Fashion Photography that may have been begun by the likes of Deborah Turbeville. any way that one would like to map this progression, the results here are wonderful.

via: Lensculture(where the series is presented)

Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbH
from the series Sois Belle by Annelie Vandendael

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